It’s direct vicinity to Cape Kolka, the air saturated with the smell of the sea and the pinewood forests, all combined with it’s long history and unique geography, give the township of Kolka itself and the surrounding areas their specific character. All this applies to the "Ūši" homestead and to us, it’s inhabitants, as well. For more than ten years now we are offering to our guests to explore, and get to love, starting from here, the most northern part of the province of Courland and to find relaxation and enjoyment at our seaside.

Walk for miles and miles along our un-crowded beaches, only accompanied by a fresh sea breeze. Take a quiet stroll through the forests and feel your heart swell while watching the shy wildlife and listening to the birds singing. Find a common understanding with the weather-hardened and rather tight-lipped fishermen here. Come to intuitively understand the flag colours of our Livonian region: the Blue of the sea, the White of the beaches and dunes, the Green of the forests. Find yourself in harmony with these surroundings; take a deep breathe and … enjoy!                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                            A heartfelt Welcome to Ūši