In and around Kolka there has still been living, until the early years of the 20th century, a certain number of Livonian descendants which used, in their everyday life, their own native language: Livonian, belonging to the Finno-Ugrian family of languages.

Caused by the historical development thereafter these Livonians and their descendants got gradually and finally, fully absorbed and integrated into the Latvian nation. As an actively spoken language, Livonian ceased to exist. However, many of the Livonian descendants still identify themselves as “Livonians” and consequently, brought to existence the “Livonian Association” in 1989 and with the declared goal to research and preserve the Livonians’ cultural heritage and make it available to the interested public in their Cultural Centre “Kuolka”. The ethnographic exhibition there is open to visitors upon prior announcement to the curator and under her guidance (Ms. Marite Sandberga, Tel. +371 29198596) and against a small donation to the Centre.